Biographical Puppets by the Sun Room

Sacajawea by Maggie M.
Hellen Keller by Brody
Coretta Scott King by Maggie O.

The Sun Room has been studying biographies of famous people. I helped out with the puppet part of the project. The children came to art class with books about their chosen person. I gave each of them a pre-made (plain) canvas puppet. On the first day they painted the front and back of their person’s clothes with acrylic.

On another day, they traced templates for hands and the face on felt that was similar to their their subject’s skin color. The felt was cut out. The children were instructed on how to use hot glue and they attached the felt and other objects. It took at least one more class to finish. Yarn hair was attached and the pupped were made to hold something that had meaning to them. Other materials used were buttons, pipe cleaners, feathers, beads, cardboard, paper, and popsicle sticks. It was fun to watch everyone working. The class was very focused and attached to their work.

Albert Einstein by Leo Y.
Neil Armstrong by Ishaan
John Brown by Jaro



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