Daily Monster by the Eastenders and Skylights

Daily Monster by Jason
Daily Monster by Cecile
Daily Monster by Francis

For this project I introduced the students to Stefan G Bucher’s “Daily Monster” website. Bucher is a British artist and designer. He splatters a little ink on a sheet of paper, blows it across the page with an condensed air canister, and makes the ink design into a monster by drawing with markers. He has created hundreds of monsters! I highly recommend checking out his website. Bucher has hundreds of videos of the monsters being drawn, images, his monster book, an app, and even a class in monster making!

For this project, we watched a few short videos of monsters being created and the “First Hundred Monsters” video. The children dropped a little ink or liquid watercolor onto their paper. They used a straw to blow the ink. When dry, they turned their paper different directions and made their ink design into a monster. We talked about using different thicknesses of markers to vary the line and add details. Students also added details with colored pencils, rubber stamps, and stencils.  This project forced us to use the right side of our brains and think creatively!

Daily Monster by Milo
Daily Monster by Siena
Daily Monster by Julian

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